Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rock Solid

While I was helping out at youth camp this past summer, one of the other leaders, Shanna, gave me some playdough from a lesson they were doing and said, "Here, now you will always remember me!"  So I rolled the playdough into a ball and threw it in my car.  That week spent at camp, I developed a lot of new friendships.

Yesterday, Shanna had commented on my Facebook wall and asked me, "How's the playdough?  ahahahah did you throw it out as yet?"  The truth was I didn't have a clue where the ball had ended up.  However, later that afternoon to my surprise, the ball of playdough was located on the floor under my desk.  It must have rolled off the back.  It was hard as a rock!

God has been really working with me lately to change me and mould me into who He wants me to be.  I have been going through a lot of things that have been shaping me for His purposes.  It has been a process that hasn't always been enjoyable, but it is necessary for God to use me the way that He sees fit. 

In life, we come across situations where new experiences come along.  Maybe a new friendship as with Shanna and I; Maybe a new job; Maybe a new opportunity enters into your life.  Whatever it is, they are soft and pliable when they are new.  They all help shape who you are.  They are like the playdough when you first open up the package.

As time goes on and you continue to work through your new experiences and as they get exposed to the air, time passes, and like the ball of playdough, they become rock solid.  You get comfortable in your new friendship.  You get comfortable in your new job.  You get comfortable in your new opportunity.  Things begin to solidify and the fear factor of the unknown wears off.

God does the same in our lives.  He takes us to a place of the unknown.  He takes us to a place where we don't know which way to turn but He doesn't leave us alone there.  He walks with us on our journey of life.  The cool thing is that as we spend time with Him; as we expose ourselves to His presence, the fear of situations gradually dissipates and we become rock solid in our faith and trusting Him.

So the playdough sits on my desk in a place where I will remember that I have new friends whose relationship with is solidifying.  But it also serves as a reminder that as I place my faith in Christ, He will solidify my relationship with Him ... ROCK SOLID!

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