Sunday, January 17, 2016

He Knows

Right now, a very close friend of ours needs a touch from God for a blood clot between his lung and his heart. The next 12 to 24 hours are crucial critical as mentioned by the medical staff. 

At work, we have a very large project with a very tight deadline. The task seems insurmountable but the project needs to be completely quickly as it is critical to our business' success. 

In my devotions, I was reading the story of Jonah and how God had a tight deadline for Jonah and it involved Jonah for the redemption of the great city of Nineveh. God needed Jonah to go whether he wanted to or not. 

In the above three instances, there is a crucial need and a necessity for action. Often in life, we find ourselves in tight spots wondering what's next but ultimately it is not about what we know or don't, but rather Who knows. Our response is simply to trust that God is sovereign and that He will bring us through whatever tough situation we face. 

So for my friend, I ask that God intervene guide this situation. With work, I ask God that He would give wisdom in making the right decisions and the strength to make it through the next month. Most of all, I thank God that He uses people like Jonah (you and me) that don't necessarily listen the first time to accomplish His Will because after all, He knows!

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