Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Starbucks Kind of Day

Do you ever have one of those days where you just want to crawl in a hole and hide?  Do you know, the kind of day where it seems like everything that you thought was going to be awesome, just kind of falls apart and leaves you with the feeling of disappointment or failure?

Today has been one of those days where it just hasn't gone as planned.  Things that I had planned have fallen apart and as I look back over the events of the day, I sit and ask myself, "what went wrong"?  What could have I done differently today to make this day better?

The truth is, there was really nothing that could have been done to make this day work the way that I wanted it to, but yet I have the choice to have this day finish on a positive or a negative.  I have the choice to either have a positive outlook on how this day has been or a negative outlook on how this day has been.  Reflecting on the day, it really hasn't been as bad as I had originally thought.  Let me explain.

Today, I wasn't sick.  Today, I wasn't hungry.  Today, I wasn't in desperate need.  So given just those three things alone, today was a good day.  So I have lots to be thankful for today.  The fact that I have family and friends that love me is enough to make today a good day.  The fact that I am able to witness a beautiful sunset makes today a good day.  The fact that I am able to share my thoughts freely makes today a good day.

So today I choose to have a positive attitude about the the way my life is and I sit back and enjoy.  Attached is a song that a friend shared with me that just reminds me that each day is an ordinary miracle. 

Sarah McLachlan - Ordinary Miracle

*grabs his Starbucks and relishes the day*


  1. Even Jesus had bad days - really, really bad days. Especially the day his life ended on earth. It was a bad day for the enemy, though. Every day that you do your job here on earth Dean, is a bad day for the enemy - never forget that. Strength brother.

  2. it's those days that make us draw closer because we are so aware how desperately we need Him because He alone is faithful and He alone never changes. I know all about these kind of days... and He is holding me tighter each time it happens.. love Him more each day !!!! Pray that you relaxed in His arms, and your starbucks.