Monday, October 18, 2010

Colourful Blessings

As we head through the fall season it is really beautiful to see the changes happening to nature.  All the colourful trees are glowing red, orange and yellow.  The leaves are blanketing the ground like a handmade quilt from your grandmother.  And yet our busy lives continue to press on all around us.

How many times do we slow down to enjoy the changes of the seasons?  Do we really stop to take a look at the beauty of what is happening or do we just press on and miss the colourful display of life that is bursting all around us?

On my own personal journey, it has been really interesting to see through the changes how God has been grabbing my attention to the little things happening around me.  He has been blessing me with his goodness and I am truly thankful for what He is doing.  However, I have to wonder how many more blessings that have passed unappreciated because I have been so goal oriented on this adventure.

It pays to slow down and appreciate the things that you have because tomorrow you may need that reminder to help you make it through a difficult day.  We use to sing a song back when I was growing up, "Count Your Blessings", where we were reminded to "name them one by one".  Today, if you're going through a difficult time, take a minute to stop and count your blessings because you just might be surprised how good your life really is.

So as I get ready to head home, I am going to enjoy the beauty of the changing seasons and remember that as things in life transform, God is in control and He is blessing me every day with another colourful blessing.

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