Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Imperfectly Perfect

Tonight I celebrated Christmas Eve with my family.  It was much like most Christmas Eves in the past.  We eat, we open presents, we go to church, we eat and then we go home.  But what stood out tonight to me caught me off guard.

Part of our yearly tradition is going to church together as a family.  This year was no different and when I got there, I was asked to play the drums for the service.  My nephew was even asked to play the bass.  A little rusty, we both agreed to step into these roles and have a front row view of the service.

It was your typical service.  There was some carols, special music, a message and a reminder about what the season is all about.  But what stood out to me was a young girl who played silent night on her keyboard.  For some reason, in that moment, I was lost in what Christmas was all about.  Her playing wasn't perfect, but it was a reminder that in our imperfections, we still can worship God for who He is and what He has done for us.  I'll get to that in a second.  At the end of the song, she missed a chord but was able to perservere through the minor mishap and finish the song.  She went back and sat beside her mom visibly upset because she hadn't done it quite the way she wanted.

After she had finished, another accomplished piano player also played another Christmas medley.  He was very good but he too, missed a few chords but perservered through and finished a beautiful song. It was as if the whole night was about missing things.  I too, missed the cymbal at one point which brought a chuckle from both my nephew and myself.  

When Mary and Joseph showed up in Bethlehem, there was no room for them in the hotel.  They had missed getting a room for the night.  However, they persevered in a stable.  They saw it through to the finish that their Son was born just the way He was supposed to be.  He came imperfectly perfect.  It is not how most of us would imagine a king being born, but God saw it fit that the King of kings was born in a stable on a cool winter's night.

How many times do we find ourselves trying to do things 'just right' only to be disappointed with the outcome?  We strive for perfection but often make mistakes.  The truth is, that sometimes, it is those mistakes which bring about the best results.  Tonight, a young girl brought me into the presence of a King and reminded me that He never asks us to be perfect, but He just asks us to come and worship Him for who He is ... Jesus Christ ... a Saviour ... Emmanuel.

So, this Christmas, if it isn't perfect, don't sweat it.  As long as you give your best God will take what is imperfect and make it perfect.

To the young lady who played Silent Night ... thank you for allowing me to worship ... perfectly!

Merry Christmas!!!

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