Saturday, June 26, 2010

Planned Distractions

This has been a crazy busy week.  There has been some self-sustained delays, but there has been a lot more delays that were either unforeseen or unavoidable.  Either way, it has been a very unproductive week and that's why I am sitting at the office on a Saturday morning trying to pull things together for Sunday.  So far ... well ... I'm on here so that should say it all.

It is funny how things don't always go exactly how we want them to go.  I had this week all planned out and things kept coming up and just delaying the things that I needed to get done back just a little bit further.  Despite the fact that all these 'delays' have come into play, it has been an exciting week.  There have been lots of challenges, but that just means that there have been lots of opportunities to grow.  God has really shown me a lot about who I am through this week and shown me that not everything is about me!  WHO KNEW!!??

I thought I had it all figured out!  I thought I knew exactly what God was telling me, how it was going to go and roughly when it was going to happen.  I guess telling God might be different than hearing from God.  Sometimes I think we want to show God how it should go (and to the point where we believe that "God told me that it was going to happen this way") instead of just resting in His Presence and allowing His Spirit to lead us and guide us.  I find myself playing God as opposed to loving God.

So back to my busy week ... I really should finish off what I NEED to get done but I'm left with this humbling thought:  No matter how things really turn out, no matter if things go the way that I think they should or if they just happen, God is in control and He IS directing my steps.  (Proverbs 20:24, Jeremiah 10:23)  That means that I just keep looking to him and I know that all these 'distractions' happen for a reason.  None of these 'surprises' are a surprise to God.  That's comforting because I know that God is for me, not against me!

All that said, I get back to what I NEED to get done and thank God for all the things that I didn't need to do!  God is truly amazing!

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